In this section you will find some of our tools available for free download.

Matched-phase Adiabatic Spin Echo (MASE)

The matlab file script_MASE.m implements a matched-phase pulse pair as presented in the following article:

Ultrahigh field single-refocused diffusion weighted imaging using a matched-phase adiabatic spin echo (MASE). H Dyvorne, R O’Halloran, P Balchandani, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2015

Download link:


Adiabatic SLR

Matlab scripts implementing the methods described in this paper:

Balchandani, Priti, John Pauly, and Daniel Spielman. “Designing Adiabatic Radio Frequency Pulses Using the Shinnar–Le Roux Algorithm.” Magnetic resonance in medicine  64.3 (2010): 843–851.

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