Rafael O’Halloran (Alumni)


Rafael’s work is focused on MRI image acquisition and reconstruction, with an emphasis on diffusion-weighted imaging. His current projects include treatment planning for deep brain stimulation, diffusion-weighted SSFP imaging, motion correction for 7T MRI.

Peer-reviewed publications
  1. RL OHalloran, M Aksoy, E Aboussouan, E Peterson, A Van, R Bammer. Real-Time Correction of Rigid-body-motion-Induced Phase Errors for Diffusion-Weighted Steady State Free Precession Imaging. Magn Reson Med 2014 online DOI: 10.1002/mrm.25159
  2. RL OHalloran, M Aksoy, A Van, R Bammer. 3D Isotropic High-Resolution Diffusion- Weighted MRI of the Whole Brain with a Motion-Corrected Steady State Free Precession Sequence.  70.2 (2013): 466-478.
  3. R.L. O’Halloran, S.J. Holdsworth, M. Aksoy, R. Bammer. Model for the correction of motion-induced phase errors in multishot diffusion-weighted-MRI of the head: Are cardiac-motion-induced phase errors reproducible from beat-to-beat? Magn Reson Med, 68.2 (2012): 430-440.Real-Time Correction of Rigid-Body-Motion-Induced
  4. F Knoll, J Raya, R OHalloran, S Baete, Eric Sigmund, R Bammer, T Block, R Otazo, D Sodickson. A model-based reconstruction for undersampled radial spin echo DTI with variational penalties on the diffusion tensor. Submitted to NMR in Biomedicine (under review).
  5. W Dominguez-Viqueira, A Ouriadov, RL OHalloran, SB Fain, GE Santyr. Signal-to- noise ratio for hyperpolarized (3) He MR imaging of human lungs: A 1.5 T and 3 T comparison. Magn Reson Med. 2011 66:1400-1404
  6. RL O’Halloran, JH Holmes, YC Wu, AL Alexander, SB Fain. Heilum-3 MR q-space Imaging with Radial Acquisition and Iterative Highly Constrained Back-Projection. Magn Reson Med 2010 63;41-50.
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  8. JH Holmes, RL O’Halloran, EK Brodsky, TA Bley, CJ Francois, JV Velikina, RL Sorkness, WW Busse, SB Fain. Three Dimensional Imaging of Ventilation Dynamics in Asthmatics Using Multi-echo Projection Acquisition with Constrained Reconstruction. Magn Reson Med 2009 62;1542-58.
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Conference proceedings
  1. RL OHalloran, M Aksoy, E Aboussouan, E Peterson, A Van, and R Bammer. Prospective Phase Correction for Diffusion-Weighted SSFP Imaging In Vivo. ISMRM 2014, oral presentation, #667.
  2. RL O’Halloran, E Aboussouan, M Aksoy, E Peterson, and R Bammer. Diffusion-Weighted SSFP at 7T. ISMRM 2014, oral presentation, #999.
  3. RL O’Halloran, A Van, E Aboussouan, M Aksoy, and R Bammer. Prospective Correction Rigid-Body Motion-Induced Phase for Diffusion-Weighted SSFP Imaging. ISMRM 2013.
  4. F Knoll, RL O’Halloran, K Bredies, R Stollberger, and R Bammer. Quantitative Evaluation of 3D Variational Regularized Reconstruction of Undersampled Diffusion Tensor Imaging. ISMRM 2013.
  5. RL O’Halloran, F Knoll, K Bredies, R Stollberger, and R Bammer. Scan time reduction in 3D Diffusion-Weighted Steady-State Free Precession Imaging using Constrained Reconstruction. ISMRM 2013.